Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vermont Solar Hypocrisy and Crony capitalism

I recently read a great piece by Duane Peterson of Suncommon, a man and business I very much respect. He was commenting on the "solar landscape" and cooperation of our State officials.
IMHO, Although VT "leads" in this solar effort, I think there is one big problem here: the hypocrisy of some of the state/local officials and some of the utilities as far as solar is concerned. It is Crony capitalism at its finest. Going solar with Suncommon was one of the best decisions we ever made to offset spiraling electrical costs. Yet, since we've done that the local utility which claims its 100% "renewable" has done everything in its power to dilute and strip down our generated credit and now has forced outlandish requirements for anyone new who wants to do what we did. The governmental powers that be and Public Service Board has let them get away with it. In fact, I was urged not to install solar, yet our power generation has exceeded our expectations and we our proud to be part of the energy "solution". Vermont needs to stop talking how solar energy friendly it is, and put its money where its mouth is and stop caving in to special interests. (Solar not being the only one by any means) Then people like Duane could go even farther in helping us all.