Monday, June 1, 2015


My friends in Montreal have honored me with a photo exhibition of my BW automotive photos at the Leica Boutique (Camtec) in Honor of this weekend's Formula One Canadian Grand Prix. The exhibit runs throughout the month of June, so if you are in the wonderful city, please stop by and take a peek.
Details below:


29 May 2015
Speed, Flash and Irrational Exuberance!
Montreal in early June, when our attention turns to cars and the beautiful people they attract. This year, Formula 1 is not the only game in town. 
Be certain to take a pit stop at our 26 Notre-Dame Est boutique where we’re hosting the exquisite black-and-white photographs of Vermonter Peter Weyrauch. Peter has focussed his Leica M on the classic beauty of vintage cars, capturing every curve and crease, the lustrous chrome and burnished wood and, most importantly, the spirit of motoring from an era of unabashed optimism.
From finned Desotos to oh-so-sexy Jaguars, Peter’s photo essay, Rodz, is guaranteed to get your motor running! "