Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.....

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch....(UPDATED Jan. 2015)

Dedicated to the one and only Chuck Jones.

At 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide, The Grinch is on his way to our humble abode shortly before Xmas. For the moment, he is drinking gallons of Lime Green paint...

The creation:
A few decades ago my brother and I were famous (or infamous) for our Annual Black Tie Christmas parties. We would decorate the house with all kinds of Grinch paraphernalia including Who Hash, Cindy Lou Who, RoastBeast, etc. I made a Grinch and Max the dog that came out of a faux chimney and for some odd reason, I decided to build a life size one for our house in Vermont last week...go figure.

First step was getting a couple printouts off the web of stills from the Uber-classic cartoon. I chose the scene right before his heart grows when he is trying to hear the "Boo Hoo Hoo" Christmas morning. To reach all his parts, I had to climb on top of a 4x8 half inch piece of plywood, and do the sketch while I was on my hands and knees. I sketched him out with a carpenters pencil, then inked in the character outlines with a couple magic markers. It took two cause they kept drying out on the plywood. Yes, I drew him freehand as I should have been a cartoonist anyway...but that's another story...

Next step was to cut him out with a jigsaw. Luckily, or unluckily, depending how you look at it, that POS Made In China Jigsaw you see in the picture came to a grinding halt JUST as I made the last cut. It is now DOA. I had to go back with a Dremel MultiTool to fine tune the cutouts. Then it was sanding all the edges smooth to keep splinters out of my butt.

In the picture below he is leaning back against the sawhorse, cause if he stands up he hits the fluorescent lights and gets a pink tan. He really is over 7 feet tall
Next it was on to the paint. Thanks to the special mix created by the great kids at Aubuchon Hardware in Hardwick, we have "Grinch Lime Green."

This entails coloring within the lines on my newly created wooden Grinch coloring book. Where is a four year old coloring wiz when you need him? It's slow, but makes it easier to cut in the black lines later.  On we go painstakingly adding the red and white and hopefully he comes to life. The "character ink outlines" in black come last. This is the first coat of color: (I have no idea why this paragraph has decided to format itself in the center-is Jim Carrey loose again?)

..and so he be at this juncture. Just like watching paint dry. Another coat of color(s), and a stab at cutting out the black lines and maybe an update for you one or two fans I have. Herr Grinchitude should make his debut to the outside world in a couple days........

Well here's the final product after hours, days, weeks, months, decades of painting. Three coats of color and the final "cut in" of the character lines with "carbon black". Not too bad for a one eyed old pirate man....

...AND FINALLY...the last step. Trimming a few branches and getting the man, er...thing...er whatsit.. in place...

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!
(Cue Dr. Frankenstein cackle)

Note: Snowball is standing in for "Max The Reindeer Dog" cause he is out on SAG strike due to animal abuse...


2015....some people wanted a size comparison before I took him down with the other Xmas decorations. I am standing directly alongside him: (yes... I am sticking my tongue out at my wife)

Peace, Love, Ice Cream, Furry Dogs, No Hospitals, and Happiness to ALL in 2015.

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  1. Awesome Pete! Please post a picture when you have him perched. Are you doing Max this year too or is that next year's project

    Any guy who could draw Disney 😀 at age 7 or 8 is a cartoon artist