Thursday, April 10, 2014

Web Feet and Feature Me

Since it's mud season out here, which strangely after the severe winter , thanks to the local road crew-is not near as bad as usual. Nonetheless, you either put on your Wellies to go outside, or hunker down and get some long neglected website updates done.

So there she is, updated, with a few more tweaks to come. I hope ya like it.
(thanks to my graphic genius friends Larry and Marianna for the great input)

Also, a new issue of the Fujifilm "X Magazine" has come out and lo and behold I am featured in an article called "X Marks The Spot". If your an Applehead you can download the App here:
I am in issue number 4, "X Marks The Spot". It's one heck of a slick App if I do say so myself.

I believe there is also an android App for it if you're a Droid.

I'll be posting additional weblinks shortly as they come available in case you want to see it without the apps.

A brief history on it: This was a 2500 mile road trip I made last October to spend some quality time with my nephew Grayson (and his dad-my brother) during my never ending prostate surgery recovery. I desperately needed some "fun Time" and hadn't seen my nephew in many years (nor so tall, grown up, and smart). I also wanted to see my brother's beautiful new baby girl, visit some old friends along the way. My nephew, brother and I attended Petit LeMans and added some more quality time hanging out with my old friend Bob Ziner, senior flag steward at the track. Needless to say, we had a great time and I was dead for a week after I got back. I hope you enjoy the article as well as we enjoyed our "guy time".

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