Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Somewhere near the moon...

Well it's been a year since the damn surgery and there are certainly days when all is still NOT well.

I certainly am better, yet I persist, no matter what I gorge on, to be 15 pounds underweight. I try and do all the physical chores and work I am used to doing, and the body says, "Now wait a minute" most every time. There's some other haunting issues, but I'll spare everyone the lurid details.

Suffice to say it has been one crap year on the physical end and Budha knows it has been one lousy roller coaster ride for my wife and furry dog. Seems like I have daily apologies for my outbursts from frustration. They are the best, having to deal with my sometime moods and putting up with me. They know I love 'em dearly, and I'd like to thank my brother Chris, friends (in no particular order) Jonny, Luc, Larry, Gary, Marek, John, Mo, Marianna, Michael, Joyce and a few others for standing by me and checking up on me.

Dr. Sarver and Dr. Jane have been terrific too, could not have made it this far without them.

I still say, had I known what the recovery was like, I would have rolled the dice for that 6 year window, sold the farm, grabbed the wife and dog and headed for a world tour.

Funny how one thinks about all the wouldda, couldda, shouldda, moments of ones life when you go through this crap. 

I see in the past year of my "recovery", the right wingers have gotten even more ludicrous, real news barely exists at all, we still have NO gun control or proper health system. George Carlin was right if you ask me….

And…now I'm 55, and all the physical issues that goes with it. 

I'm gonna attempt to FINALLY update this website, we'll see what happens.

"Ain't we got fun".