Friday, April 27, 2012

Ode To A Vermont Spring

It's been awhile, so on this strange weather day and in honor of  National Poetry Month/Week/Whatever It Is, I thought I'd scribe my own tome in honor of the Vermont "Spring".

"Ode to A Vermont Spring"
(with apologies to Robert Frost, Sydney Lea, Geoff Hewitt, Claude Mumbere, Dr. Seuss, Rusty DeWees, Lyle Lovett, and Penguins)

OH NO, the snow doth melt, as our furry dog finds perch
Sad as it goes on whatever is left,  for fun it is(was)
Pretty too, pure white against the paper birch
He'll have little to color when he takes his whiz

We had our glee, tromping through the fluff
and a slide or two upon our skinny skis
Comes the end, it's never enough
We'd rather have a Nor'easter, if you please

The mud comes next, makes the car lurch and bounce
Rattles your shocks, teeth and bones
Bounce around like a cat tosses a mouse
The poor lil car just creaks and groans

But fiddle dee dee up pops some heads
Some Winooskis and shrooms join in too
Robins find fur to line their straw beds
Daffodils jump to greet the moon

It's warm, it's cold, it's hot, some rain
Plant the garden, yes, no, let's wait
Bug season folllows to cause some pain
Now there's a season I love to hate

For Vermont has seven, not just four
They last too long, or not enough
Depends what you like, or if you're sore
Up here, it's crazy, you must be tough

So here they are, in order for you.
 I didn't do it, I just wrote 'em down.
 It aint me, Mother Nature's the clown

Mud Season
Bug Season
Stick Season
WINTER (repeats as ya never know...)

BUT..wait, it's April end, what do I know.
Aint it spring, with these flowers and buds?
Look out today's window, THAT IS SNOW.